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op 11-01-2010 22:00

Hoe?Zo! Radio: Zee-ecoloog Katja Philippart over haar onderzoek aan boord

Hoe?Zo! Radio: Zee-ecoloog Katja Philippart over haar onderzoek aan boord

NIOZ-onderzoeker Katja Philippart deed plankton-onderzoek aan boord van de Stad Amsterdam, en is nu bij het NIOZ op Texel druk bezig haar meetgegevens te verwerken. In Hoe?Zo! Radio ze over de eerste onderzoeksresultaten.

Hoe?Zo! Radio: Elke werkdag van 21.00 tot 22.00u op Radio 5.
Met elke maandag aandacht voor de Beagle.

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  • Auteur
    Gerty Bataille
    op 14-01-2010 13:42

    Dear Katja,

    Very good to hear that the first information from your research on board the Beagle/Stad Amsterdam is becoming clear. Quite funny to hear that you came to yet another conclusion being docked in port so accidentally and that none of the people or scientists who are living in this area had ever discovered this. It tells me one thing: You can discover a lot more about the natural world with an eye for detail, but we seem to lose that more and more as a result of our urban lives. It makes it even more important to get our children out in nature again and teach them what they can see there so that they will not only start to care in the right way, but so that they can also be empowered to interpret what they see in their lives. I am looking forward to find out more about the further results of your research in the future, and hear what this means in the bigger picture about the state of the oceans and the world.

    Fair Winds,
    Gerty Bataille, a sailor of Clearwater from Amsterdam.

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